Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We like BIG breakfasts at my house. John has this saying, "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant." I think that makes sense but, even if I thought it was rubbish, nowadays I'm always on board for breakfast sweets and savories. There was a time though were I would pass on traditional breakfast foods. I'd take a bowl of cereal, but couldn't stand the though of pancakes. Growing up my dad would make us his favorite breakfast items every Saturday and Sunday. It was eggs (scrambled or omelets), bacon or sausage, pancakes, toast or biscuits, etc. Often they were delivered to us in bed as he was always up so early to get out on the golf course. Anyway, all those years of decadent breakfasts in bed had the unfortunate effect of turning me off of breakfast completely. I was just tired of it. But, after a a few years of a steady breakfast diet of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, a craving for bacon and eggs popped up out of no where. Now, maybe twice a week, we'll take a break from cereal or toast with fruit and have something a little more... hearty!

When we go all out for breakfast it always includes an egg, sunny side up and fried in butter with salt, pepper, thyme, and Romano cheese. It is so rich and delicious. I almost always serve it with some asparagus, lightly seasoned and either steamed, grilled or sauteed. We most commonly have bacon, but occasionally there will be some sausage or ham we need to use up. There is usually toast with butter or Smart Balance and jam. If there is a potato in the pantry I'll chop it up for some home fries, but I'm not too good at frying things, so this is a rare occurrence. I'll throw in whatever fruit we have on hand, usually berries or stone fruit and sometimes mix it into a bowl of Greek yogurt with raw local honey or fat-free cottage cheese. These are all usually served with a glass of juice, milk, tea, coffee or all four! With a breakfast like this, we don't usually have lunch, just a snack to tide us over until dinner.

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